Phototherapy - Case 1

Paulina is a kitten rescued by @huellitas.panama. She is received with a burn injury to her head and neck.

A bacterial culture had been performed and antibiotics applied to which he had not responded satisfactorily. Cleansing begins with warm saline solution and chlorhexidine, after this with the clean wound

It is suggested to perform plastic surgery to finish closing the wound, it did not work, there was dehiscence of the stitches and bacterial infection, so he received it and decided to use Meropenem as an antibiotic and start LED light sessions (Biolight Demox) for his treatment. Healing. LED lights (Biolight Demox) are applied, he received approximately 30 sessions, managing to close a large part of the wound.

Once the wound was smaller, a plasty was performed again and a super pulsed laser was used with the Photo Hemotherapy method, obtaining the following results

For each session that she received, Paulina had her wound cleaned and bandages changed. Her recovery took six months.