Improving the quality of life of small and large animals is our mission.

Implementing magnetotherapy as an alternative treatment in veterinary physiotherapy improves the progressive evolution of patients in the short and medium term, showing unimaginable changes from its implementation.







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Alternating field from 1 to 50 60 c/s.
Polarized from 2 to 100 or 120 c/s.
50 basic programs.
49 programs which can be executed sequentially including up to 6 of the basic programs.
Storage and search by patient or protocol name or by number
Sweep up, down, or both.
Low: 100 gauss High of 200 gauss pulsed (1 sec. of activity and 3 seconds of rest)
Automatic bivoltage: 110/ 220 V 50/ 60 Hz.
Built-in Gaussmeter (approximately measures the field generated by a coil in alternating mode).
4 output channels.
Bright 2×16 character display


Equipment with 4 alternating field channels of 50/60 Hz with coils of 100 Gauss or 200 Gauss
Magal II:
Equipment with 2 channels of alternating field of 50/60 Hz. + 2 channels of polarized field of 100/120 Hz.
Magal Plus:
4-channel equipment that allows continuous adjustment of the number of current cycles between 1 to 50 c/s, in alternating field and from 2 to 100 Hz. In polarized field and continuous or pulsed operating modes.

Magnetic bed

Supply voltage= 220 Volts
Power < 100VA
Alternate mode
Polarized mode
Adjustable frequency between 1 and 50/60 c/s in alternate mode.
Adjustable frequency between 2 and 100/120c/s in polarized mode.
Continuous or pulsed mode.
Double power mode (Optional).
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